Coaching & Counseling

Service offer

Existential Coaching

  • Solo self-employed persons, freelancers* (positioning, acquisition, fees and prices, business development ...)
  • Conflicts with colleagues* and superiors
  • Frustrating working conditions
  • Quitting, reorientation
  • Burnout/Boreout prevention
  • Leadership and power competence

Existential Analytical Counseling, Logotherapy

  • Life crises and search for meaning: separation and farewell, illness and accident, lay-off and insolvency, the official end of working life
  • Personality development: values, resonance and attitude
  • Relationships: Conflicts with partners* inside, friends* inside and family, remorse and shame, sexuality
  • Support and strengthening: Partners* and relatives of mentally and chronically ill people

Psychotherapy (HeilPrG)

  • Psychosomatics: inexplicable physical discomfort, recurrent pain, illness without findings, psychological stress due to a physical illness, conflicts and social stress due to chronic physical complaints
  • Supporting measure as a temporary solution during the waiting period for a place with with health insurance approval: Anxiety and panic, compulsions, stress reactions and adjustment disorders, depressive mood, complaints without and with findings (bruxism, gastritis ...), pain disorder, exhaustion syndrome (burnout), sleep disorders, sexual dysfunction

About me


Asking questions, following up, listening, empathizing, understanding, summarising, finding discrepancies – these are the preferences and strengths that have shapes my work: as an editor and translator, manager, copywriter and trainer.
In the meantime, I have experienced a lot: from personnel selection and development to outplacement and insolvency, classic power games, start-up and self-employment. Always supported by fantastic coaches, without whom I wouldn't be where I am.

The last years at a glance

Since 2005 self-employed as copywriter, trainer and consultant

2015: Admission as ‘Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie’ (alternative practitioner for psychotherapy)

2015 – 2019: Course ‘Existential Analytical Counselling and Support’ at the Evangelische Hochschule für Soziale Arbeit (Protestant University for Social Work) in Dresden, Germany

2016 – 2020: Continuing education in psychosomatics

2015, 2017: Different approaches to ‘Dealing with trauma’

2021: Certified Existential Coach, Institut für existenzielles Coaching

I work under supervision, regularly attend congresses and conferences and continue to educate myself in the future.



As a notorious skeptic, things like ,constellations to go’ are too simple for me. So I've continually trained in methods, tested approaches from systemic to solution-focused, Harvard and Rosenberg and – as if all this wasn't enough – poked around in my own psyche for years so I hopefully won't miss anything with my clients.

Work style

Phenomenology, Socratic dialogue, imaginations, questionnaires and worksheets, functional input and explanations, role plays, audio files (imaginations and mindfulness exercises), planning and implementation (exercises, transfer tasks), upon request: structured notes, flipchart photos, recordings


Currently, our appointments take place on a secure and data-protection compliant video conferencing system or by phone. And sometime sooner or later, once again face-to-face: in Berlin or Müncheberg (Mark). If you like, in the middle of nature – under a cherry tree or at a lake cottage. Everything else can be talked about.

Coaching session – 50 minutes: 100 €
(Final price, includes 19 % VAT for private payers)

Double sessions, coaching days, counselling packages, psychotherapy (HeilPrG), structured summary, evening and weekend appointments: by arrangement

Personnel development (business customers)

‘I still regularly benefit from the results of the coaching with you in a concrete, tangible way.’
Lena Morgenroth, Professional IT Security Consultant